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2D-Explainer Pack

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💡 Why I created this template:

I used to feel overwhelmed each time I started projects or received incoming leads. I didn't know how to plan, manage or keep track of customer data, quotations, meeting notes, and project materials. I also struggled with how to incorporate best practices and learnings from previous projects, which caused anxiety and took too much of my time.

This way of working is unsustainable. I went to work to solve it and I believe this is it 🙂

My Notion template helps video-creators turn leads into happy customers. It provides the ability to plan, manage and track both the macro and micro of any project, from managing incoming leads to delivering a final render to client.

😋 You get:

  • Efficiency and organization
  • Full control
  • Joy when new leads arrive and projects commence
  • Peace of mind. You deserve it.

⌚ Save time:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Stop the endless search for necessary data
  • Consolidate multiple program into “only Notion”
  • Eliminate collaborative headaches

🎯 Who is it for?

  1. 2D-Explainer Creators
  2. Agencies and Boutique Creative Shops
  3. Freelance Animators and Videographers

📃 What’s included:

  1. CRM-System: Consolidate management of Contacts, Companies and Deals.
  2. Kanban (Board) Views: Work with Leads and Projects more intuitively with drag-and-drop.
  3. Brief Template: Collect necessary project information from clients.
  4. Quotation Template: Prepare shareable Quotations with formulas, sums and totals. prepared to handle fixed and hourly rates as well as combinations.
  5. Project Database: Organize and manage your client work at a glance.
  6. Production Phases: All steps for creating 2D-Explainers, broken down into blocks.
  7. To-Do’s: Every typical production step of animated 2D explainer videos come pre-written, out of the box. Example client meeting agendas are also included!
  8. Storyboard Template: Drag-and-Drop features, info-fields for each frame, sharing possibilities.
  9. Tasks Database: Integrated with the other databases.
  10. Collaborations: A simple and effective system to manage all types of collaborations.

And much more!

Reduce headache and achieve a sense of calm by consolidation and systemization. Download now to kick-start your business today!


Are you Notion Certified?
Yes! Check out my Notion Essential Badge at Credly.

Why is it free?
It’s a way for me to give back to the community.

What do I need to use it?
Notion, which is free for personal use. Sign up here, it's a game changer!

Can I use this on Notion’s free non-paid plan?
Yes! Keep each uploaded file below 5 MB, and you’re safe.

What does “30 Minute Consultation” mean?
Apart from getting you started (onboarding), I can answer questions about how to tailor the template to your specific needs.

How do I download the template?
Open the template link, and click “Duplicate” on the top right corner. This creates a copy of the template inside your workspace. If you’re on mobile, tap the “3 dots” to reveal the “Duplicate” option.

Can I buy you a coffee?
Thanks for asking! I spent hundreds of hours creating this template, to help solve many of the problems I know so many of you share with me. If you find it valuable, pick an amount fair to you when downloading it. That would mean the world to me!

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2D-Explainer Pack

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